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These are the books that are the starters for getting a feel and some of the history of Abaco.  Following are links to other sites to order more book.

Must Have:

Out Island Doctor. Cottman. When you're in Marsh Harbour you'll see The Castle, Dr. Cottman's dream home he built in the 1940s. Up until relatively recent times, persons with a scientific background (Dr. Cottman had been a science teacher in the U.S.A.) could get a license to practice medicine in the remote Out Islands of the Bahamas. The license read "Unqualified Medical Practioner", today we would use the term para-medic. These were the days before there were landing strips, telephones, or even outboard motors here. Dr. Cottman's Abaco sloop, the Green Cross, carried him and his growing medical skills throughout the Bahamas, and these are wonderful tales of his adventures ashore and afloat.

Cruising Guide to Abaco Bahamas. Dodge. Simply the essential guide to the Abacos both for the sailor and the vacation visitor. Revised and expanded every year. (Order directly from the White Sound Press,)

Yachtman's Guide to the Bahamas. Etherridge - Kline /Fields. An older guide with a great history. Covers Abaco as well as the rest of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. The pen and ink drawings of harbours, landfalls and passages are works of art.

Don't Stop the Carnival. Wouk. If you've ever thought you'd like to run a small inn or hotel here, this is the book you need to read first.

Wind from the Carolinas. Wilder. The fictional portrayal of several generations of a loyalist family forced to the Bahamas from the Carolinas after the American Revolution. Based on well researched history of the families of the Bahamas.

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