Abaco’s BPL Electrical Inspector

I spent five weeks on the Island getting work done on my house, which had damage to the roof, windows and doors (on the whole, it got through Dorian really well!) BUT we were all off the Island, BPL came to took everybody's electric meters. So now before we can get electricity restored, we must have a Licensed Electrician check the place, and when he's satisfied call the Inspector, who then issues a certificate. The homeowner then takes the certificate to BPL, proves identity AND home-ownership, and then they bring out a new meter. HOWEVER, the Inspector has recently had a heart attack and is in the hospital in Nassau. Does anybody know if BPL is going to get a replacement for him? Or when He might be able to return to his duties? This and the logistical nightmare of trying to get a Covid PCR test submitted to the Health Ministry before it's more than five days old are keeping me from returning to work on my house.
  • By: islandBilly
  • 17 months ago
    Tuesday, December 8, 2020



My understanding is that BPL is flying someone in from Nassau every so often to do the inspections. It’s still a long process and has slowed down even further but there are people who are getting power....slowly.

17 months ago


No replies after six days? Abaco and the Message board aint what they used to be.

17 months ago
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