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Between the years 1992 and 2917 my family and I probably visited Abaco at least 25 times. We are thinking of visiting again, renting a house -- probably in Hopetown or New Plymouth -- and boat, for a week, maybe two, In June 2024. However, the hurricanes turned Abaco into splinters, literally. It seems impossible to discover the real condition of Abaco. Yes, it is recovering, but before I visit with the grandchildren I'd sincerely appreciate it someone would ell me what the conditions are, first, in Marsh and, then, on the cays. You can respond either on the message board or just email me at under the subject line ABACO. Thanks
  • By: ALiebowitz
  • 10 months ago
    Wednesday, August 16, 2023
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Hope Town has recovered. Marsh Harbour is making fantastic progress. Snappas, Wally’s and Colors are all open. Pete’s Pub is going full blast as are Capt Jacks, Abaco Inn and Hopetown Inn and Marina. The Conch Inn is beautiful.

10 months ago


I was in Hopetown just about a year ago and at that time Marsh Harbour still had a lot of damage however it was still easy to get around on the mainland. Elbow Cay was just fine for the most part and I’d imagine now even more so. I’ve heard Green Turtle is back up too but I havent ventured that far up since before Dorian. Good luck!!

10 months ago


Some of the Abaco’s are back, jib room open, Hope Town’s ok. Nippers open. Marsh harbor still beat. This is not the right time of year to go there IMO. I’d wait for Fall after Hurrican season.

10 months ago


925 years is a long time !

10 months ago
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And maybe by the year 2017I will have learned to proof-read what I type... but I am happy to see someone can do subtraction. On a serious note, I am at this very moment in the midst of renting a house on Green Turtle Cay.

10 months ago
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Typos are totally OK here... and thank you! to everyone providing updates. We’re working on improving the message board to make it easier to interact, stay tuned!

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From July in Hope Town: Marsh Harbour still rough about some edges but fully functional and recovering rapidly. If you drive about 10 miles south of the airport, the decimated pine forest looks perfectly normal and as you drive into Little Harbour or Cherokee you’d say, “what hurricane?”. Elbow Cay looks clean and rebuilding continues. Same with Man-O-War, though many boats are missing at the latter. For the first time ever, we were unable to obtain a boat rental, and we started looking five months before. We chartered for a day with Sammy Carroll. All in all, things are cleaned up but some things are also…missing.

9 months ago


I have not been there Hopetown in6-7 years. They had a great snorkeling tour there back then, but I cannot find any tour company on Elbow Cay. Is there one now and if so what is the website, thanks,. I really want one more of Vern’s pies. paul

8 months ago
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